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Curtain Installation Services in Dubai (OPAL MOVERS LLC)

Opal Curtains Installation (Fixing) Services Dubai is your trusted partner for enhancing the interior decor of your living or working space in Dubai - United Arab Emirates. We specialize in providing top-notch services that revolve around the precise installation of curtains and drapes, transforming your environment into a stylish and functional haven

Why Choose Us?

Our team of experts understands the significance of window treatments in creating the perfect ambiance for any room. Whether you seek traditional elegance or contemporary designs, Opal Curtains Installation Services offers a diverse range of options to suit your unique preferences. From custom curtain fittings to ready-made solutions, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Curtain Fixing Service Gives The Perfect Look To You Windows

The first step towards designing and giving your home the finest look is to bring some new curtains and blinds for your home. To hang them up you have to bring the hardware as well. Putting up curtains can prove to be a frustrating task that can result in a potential mishap for many people.


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Try Different Styles with Our Expert Curtain Installation in Dubai

  • Double Curtain Rod Style: We install layered curtains with a double rod system to create a luxurious interior look.
  • Corner-Styled Windows: Our team ensures the proper light blocking in corner windows with their expertise.
  • Motorized System: You can get the installation of automatic curtains from our experts with guaranteed smooth functionality.
  • High-Windows: You can get our curtain fixing services In Dubai for high windows with ceiling or wall-mounted styles.

Tools Used in Curtain Fixing Dubai

There are several tools that are required in fixing curtains. These tools are curtain rods, hardware., ladder, measuring tape, pencil, level, drill machine, stud finder, safety glasses, wall anchor, and iron. All this equipment is necessary when you are fixing the curtains. Fixing curtain rods is the foremost step in curtain fixing Abu Dhabi.

This step requires a ladder from which you can reach to the top of your window. Measuring tape, pencil, and level is required to fix the rods in the required place. You can use Drill machines and drill bits to produce holes in the wall so you can fix nuts in these holes. You should wear safety glasses while using the drill machine for Curtain Fixing Dubai to save your eyes from any kind of damage.

Curtains Installation For Home And Office Curtains in Dubai

At Opal, get guaranteed savings and experience a smoother, less stressful and more rewarding window curtain installation In Dubai. We promise to save you the money you need for Curtain Fixing In Dubai. We take away any stress by giving you a quick, professional and easy experience. Our team will work for you, giving you the peace you deserve.

Curtains installation is a process that requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise. It also requires a lot of tools to ensure that the curtains are installed properly.The process includes cutting the fabric, sewing the fabric to make it into panels, attaching the panels to each other and then attaching them at their designated position on the window.There are different types of curtains available In Dubai today. You can choose from different styles such as pleated curtains, Roman blinds or even blackout curtain. You can also choose from different colors such as white or black.

Opal is a curtain installation company dealing in all types of curtains for all your needs. For installing your curtains, we have experts and professionals who will help you to Fix Curtains In Dubai.

Why Do Customers Prefer To Hire Us For The Curtain and Blind Installation Service In Dubai?

  • Curtains installation at affordable rates

  • Specialized in all kinds of curtain maintenance

  • Provides expert advice on curtains installation materials

  • No matter what your window installation needs are, our experts will help you!

  • We provide a professional service guaranteed to save you time and money in the long run.

Types of Curtains Installation

  • Shower curtain installation

  • Sheers installation

  • Blackout curtains Installation

Types Of Curtain Rods That We Are Offering For Installation

Many types of curtain rods can be installed in a window depending on the length of the rod, the type of hardware, and the type of curtain.

  • Wired Curtain Rods 

  • Decorative Curtain Rods

  • Concealed Curtain Rods

  • Double rod sets

  • Traverse Curtain Rods

  • Triple track rails, 

  • Cafe Curtain Rods

  • Double Curtain Rods

  • Tension Curtain Rods

Which Type of Curtain Rod is Right for You?

Choosing the correct type of curtain rod is essential as it significantly impacts how your curtains look. The type of curtain rod you choose depends on available space, budget, window shape and size, etc.

Accessories Needed For Curtains Installation

The curtains installation process is a complex task, and there are many aspects that you need to consider before you buy them. Some people choose to buy ready-made curtains, while others prefer to make their own. But in both cases, you need some accessories for the installation process.

These include:

  • Curtain rods, 

  • Curtain hooks, 

  • Decorative valances, 

  • Drapery pins and rings, 

  • Curtain tiebacks, 

  • Finials, 

  • End caps, 

  • Brackets, 

  • Sconces

Common Curtain Mistakes - Prevent Them Now!

Some mistakes people make when installing their curtains that you want to avoid so that you can have a beautiful look in your home.

1. Don't place your curtain rods too high or too low. Try to position them at eye level.

2. Avoid using a rod that is too long for your curtains and ends up looking like curtains on a clothesline.

3. Don't hang your curtains on hooks, nails, or brackets that are not explicitly meant for curtains.

4. Avoid using a rod with a size that is too wide for the width of your window

Services We Offer

  •   Hanging Pictures

  •   Blinds Hanging Service

  •   Curtain Rods Installation Dubai

  •   Curtain Fixing In Dubai

  •   Curtain and blind Installation Service

  •   Curtain Rods Fixing

  •   Assembling Shelves

  •   Fixing Curtain Blinds

  •   Hanging Lamps Lights

  •   Fixing Brackets

  •   Curtain Fitting Services

Frequently Asked Questions.

How Do I Prepare My Space for Curtain Installation?

You don’t have to prepare anything to install curtains in your home or office. Our installation team has members who will manage all minor preparations. You can consult with our experts anytime if they need some preparation before installation. We prioritize the peace of our customers and do every task by ourselves.

Can You Install Curtains in Unique Window Shapes or Sizes?

Our experience of 10+ years in the curtain hanging field has made us experts enough to install curtains on all sizes or shapes of windows. You can get the right curtain fixing In Dubai for corner, bay, friends style, round, high, and small windows. We also stock all required curtain accessories to install curtains on such unique windows.

Are There Any Additional Charges for Removing Old Curtains?

You might see some service providers charge extra for removing old curtains. At our curtain company in Al Quoz, we provide free existing curtain removal with care. You can also get free suggestions for your windows. Our company ensures the perfect curtain fitting with ideal designs.

Can You Assist in Measuring My Windows for Accurate Installation?

We can help you measure your window accurately to understand curtain rods and fabrics. At our company, you will get this service without any charges. We believe in ensuring the right size of your windows so that you can enjoy perfect fitting and maximum functionality. Contact us anytime to book our measurement service without any additional charges.

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