1) Movers In Dubai (Opal Movers)

1.1) Movers and Packers in Dubai

Opal Furniture movers in Dubai , We’re a group of experts working nonstop to satisfies the customer prerequisite and make the movers and packers in dubai . Proficient movers, gives a most solid and savvy moving administrations to enable you to migrate without pressure. Aside from moving administrations, we’re additionally inconceivably knowledgeable with pressing services,furniture establishments and expulsion administrations. All the activities of furniture movers in dubai are done in a completely professional way.

It is important to know that the assistance of specialists of this market leader does not help to change the base in an efficient method. The list of the service provider is increasing on regular basis. A large number of people are contacting its senior officials on daily basis to meet the expectations in a professional manner while keeping pocket safe against big expenditure.

1.1.1) Movers in jlt Dubai ( JLT MOVERS )

Moving home is the start of a new adventure. We specialize in planning flat and house removals and our aim is to make things simple for you. At Opal movers in Dubai, we specialize in planning flat Moves and house removals with an aim to make things simple for you. We guarantee an excellent removal service – on time, stress-free, helpful and friendly.

1.1.2) Movers in marina Dubai

Moving flat within Dubai can certainly be very different than moving from a house, not to say that there will necessarily be less to move, but subject to the age, design, layout, floor in which the flat or apartment is.

1.1.3) Movers in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Opal movers consider flat shifting service as it’s primary function. With top professionals from the packers and movers domain leading the team, our household goods relocation services are simply the best in Dubai.

1.1.4) Movers in Al Khawaneej dubai

From taking care of fragile crockeries, safeguarding your sofa or ensuring proper car shifting, our flat shifting team knows how to handle every item reliably. When you want good flat shifting services in Dubai, we are the only packers and movers in Dubai to look for.

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Opal Furniture Movers LLc || Contact Us 0504888052 || Movers dubai | Movers in dubai | Movers and packers in dubai |  dubai movers | house moving in dubai | relocation in dubai | packers and movers in dubai | best movers in dubai
Opal Furniture Movers LLc || Contact Us 0504888052 || Movers dubai | Movers in dubai | Movers and packers in dubai |  dubai movers | house moving in dubai | relocation in dubai | packers and movers in dubai | best movers in dubai

1.2) Furniture Movers Dubai

Moving to a new place of your desire with all your precious items is now safe and appealing with the help of the Movers and Packers Dubai services offered by opal Movers. It is the bitter fact, observing the complicity involves in the moving process, some of us hesitate to move. We are acclaimed Packers and Movers Dubai, known to deliver excellent movers and package services by using advanced technology and equipment. opal Movers has been serving the industry for the last 15 years and has been named reliable, professional movers and packers Dubai by top packers and movers experts. We have ample resources of infrastructure, man force, storage, equipment, vehicles, and so on that making the whole moving process simplified.

We offer an end-to-end solution at the genuine price, our specialties are:

  • Local Moving Services in Dubai
  • Packaging Services in Dubai
  • Car Transportation
  • Offices Relocation in Dubai
  • House shifting in Dubai

We are the Best movers and packers Dubai, because

  • Do not charge for the site survey
  • Prepare Instant Estimation and Quote
  • Assign a coordinator
  • Flexibility in opting partial or full loading services
  • 24*7 Customer Support ( including Holiday)
  • Guarantee Fastest services
  • Transport through only covered vehicles
  • 100% Insured
  • Safest and Secured Moving and Packing Services

1.3) House shifting in dubai

Safety of the valuable goods of our customers is our foremost concern. We promise that no damages will occur and in case of any slight damage the whole item will be replaced by opal Movers and packers in Dubai. We have an efficient team of workers who are keen in putting their maximum to deliver the best and accurate services in packing and moving.

It is unscientific in this modern age because it’s very time consuming and expensive too. Think once as you have to take charge of this for a whole day might leaving your job and stress as well.

Moving with us is a very wise idea as we provide you this service at a reasonable price and relocate all the household or office stuff.

1.4) Relocation in dubai

In most cases, these two services drive hand-in-hand. Most of our customers choose our VIP package and best Movers and Packers in Dubai where we handle the move from start to end. Our white-glove service is seamless for busy business proprietors that do not have the time to manage or tackle any of the processes themselves. We are loyal to providing our customers value for money, which is why we make certain that these services are extremely profitable.

Liable on the plan that you have selected, we provide outstanding services. Our business movers will make sure that every solitary item is packed flawlessly in commercial-grade materials and put into durable boxes. At your new location, they will unload and place the whole thing as compulsory in the areas that you want them.

1.5) Villa Movers in dubai

By grasping the needs of our customers, we offer them free quotes on various customized services. This helps them on planning their budget and deciding the most suitable relocation-service. Besides, it helps them on effectively negotiating with the representatives. Customers can get supreme guidance from renowned trans-location experts on getting safe and economic relocation experience. These experts also give their reviews about various packers and movers on our website, as to guide the users on choosing the best transportation services. Our customers post their queries related to different aspects of relocation on our website. Referring to these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), one can easily find out solution to his/her doubts.

1.6) Office shifting in dubai

Moving to or from Dubai? Being experienced Dubai movers packers, we inspire shifting services to people who are hesitant to avail of shifting services to know the risk involved in. Customers are emotionally connected to goods they want to shift, we value it, therefore, our professionals use innovative techniques that they developed over a period of time and transfer carefully your valuables households or precious office gadgets, furniture or car or anything you own to a new place without harming it in any manner. Observing the types of items you have to be moved, our trained staff use standard packing from a wide list of options available with us including pocket wrap, plastic wrap, bubble sheet, cartoon, waterproof container and etc. They take special measurements in the packaging process.

opal Mover is committed to offering unmatched mover and packer services therefore we are professional movers and packers Dubai. Our main motto is to bring a smile on the face of the customer by providing excellent relocation and packaging a service which is not an easy deal for a common Packers and

1.7) House shifting in dubai

The move is a delicate operation which requires the intervention of qualified and experienced Dubai Movers. The tasks to be performed are generally numerous and quite complex. For example, it will be necessary to carry and lower heavy objects, to move fragile goods in a delicate way in order to avoid breakages, to convey all the packages to the new house while avoiding any loss. Thanks to his expertise, the professional mover is able to carry out these different operations promptly.

1.8) Furniture installation in dubai

Although it is tempting to option for a move by yourself and with the help of a few friends, resorting to by movers Dubai that remains the best solution . Untrained hands can indeed cause a lot of damage during a move. If you want to benefit from an impeccable move. call professional movers in Dubai, and you will be satisfied

1.9) Appartment Movers in dubai

While every other shifting company assures its clients of its user friendly services. We emphasize on spot-free results than lavishly propagating our services. Here are the key aspects that make us stand out among others in the competition:

1.10) House shifting services in dubai

We provide a complete moving guide to our customers. This helps them to get all the useful tips on various aspects of moving such as pre relocation tips and different ways to minimize the scope of damages. Using such guidelines, the customers can be fully prepared on their end, thereby reducing hassles to smooth relocation.

Opal Furniture Movers LLc || Contact Us 0504888052 || Movers dubai | Movers in dubai | Movers and packers in dubai |  dubai movers | house moving in dubai | relocation in dubai | packers and movers in dubai | best movers in dubai
Opal Furniture Movers LLc || Contact Us 0504888052 || Movers dubai | Movers in dubai | Movers and packers in dubai |  dubai movers | house moving in dubai | relocation in dubai | packers and movers in dubai | best movers in dubai
Opal Furniture Movers LLc || Contact Us 0504888052 || Movers dubai | Movers in dubai | Movers and packers in dubai |  dubai movers | house moving in dubai | relocation in dubai | packers and movers in dubai | best movers in dubai

2) Movers and packers in Dubai

2.1) Best Movers and packers company in dubai

What should be done first to make any residential or commercial moving successful? The same question comes in the mind of every shifter. The answer is a good Movers and Packers company but it is very important for this company to be professional too. Opal Movers is one of the best and top movers in Abu Dhabi that makes your house and offices shifting successful. Opal Movers is a license holder company for Movers and Packers Abu Dhabi that is known among the top companies in Moving Company in Abu Dhabi for local and international shifting. When you think of the Movers and Packers Company you care about your belongings. Will this company be able to protect your goods safely? So after watching the packing technology of movers and packers Abu Dhabi you will be sure that your luggage is in the right hands. Strange to hear but sometimes a lot of your stuff gets spoil in loading and unloading but the staff of movers and packers Abu Dhabi, load – unload your belongings very carefully not only manpower but from the equipment used accordingly that ends the possibility of their deterioration .

2.1.1)How movers in dubai dealing with clients?

We deal with our clients based on the requirements of our customers like furniture and appliances quantity, distance, when to shift, quality of packing etc etc.

You don’t have to worry about your moving because you can trust us as your movers in Dubai.

We offer all types of relocation here in UAE. Our familiarity in all the locations here can make your moving easily and fast. If you are living in a villa and you are planning to relocate, we as movers in Dubai can assist you with that.

All of your items will be handled by us. We dismantle all of your items and fix it to your new location.

We also pack well all of your appliances like microwave ovens, fridge, gas stoves, washing machine, televisions and a lot more.

Below are the full services explained with details so make sure to read and know everything about our company, our services process and procedure. We explained here properly about how we will take your furniture from your old home to the new location.

Our company is located all across the country feel free to contact us if you are looking for a as well.

We provide the following services as for commercial and residential moving like houses and offices.

2.1.2) Items survey for official quotation

Once you request for a moving company in Dubai our agents will get in touch and guide you through the over all process. The supervisor will come to your house and he will take all the details about the quality of the service and distance.

Once he collect all the details and check which items will be move out and packing then he will give tell you about the charges with details and also you will get an official quotation from the office.

2.1.3) Furniture and appliances dismantling

We have the most professional and expert carpenters and packing team. We dismantle all those furniture and electrical items which can broken. We dismantle the items so it's easy to pack and load into truck. Make sure that dismantling is the most important factor for moving the furniture and appliances.

2.1.4) Furniture and electronics packing

We do full packing of all kinds of items like furniture, electronics, clothes, kitchen items, decor items etc. We use high quality of packing materials like bubble roll, carton roll, carton boxes, etc. As a professional movers and packers dubai we protect all items to prevent any kind of damage to the expensive assets of our clients. Our packing team is professional they pack each item properly with bubble wrap, stretch wrap and clear tape.

2.1.5) Trucks loading/unloading

Once we pack each and every item properly then the loading and moving process starts. Our helpers take all the items and load into trucks. Make sure that we have 4 ton boxed covered trucks which are very useful for house movers in Dubai. We shift the items to the new location as per the customer direction and then unload into their new house.

2.1.6) Furniture, appliances, curtains fixing

After safely arriving to the new location we unload the trucks and our carpenters quickly start the fixing work according to the customer direction. As our clients wants to fix their furniture and other items. We will fix furniture, appliances, curtains, wallpapers, photo frames, wall clocks etc. We have professional handyman team who can fix and hang all kinds of decor items and curtains.

2.2) Here! what are you looking for?

2.2.1) Are you a licensed company?

Every company should be licensed or else, they cannot operated and accept customers since it is a part of the law. Every customer should make sure that the company has legitimacy and it also applies when hiring movers and packers in Dubai to be able to secure the safety of their furniture that will be shift or relocate.

2.2.2) Since how long are you in this field of business?

Number of years in operating in a field of work is really important especially when choosing best movers and packers in Dubai. The experience and expertise on a work is very important especially those to the clients who want to know the background of the company before acquiring services from them.

2.2.3) What services are you providing?

Moving and Packing Services in Dubai provides packing and shifting services which includes packing of your furniture and appliances and shifting it to the other location. As the company and client wants the furniture to be safety, they have a lot of packaging materials and trucks that can be used for the shifting so it will be a hassle – free work to the customers.

2.2.4) Which locations do you provide moving and packing services?

We provide relocation services in Dubai. In case that you are worrying about the distance, we assure that all of our clients will be serve equally and on time. We scheduled our work day before so it will be not hassle for the workers and for the client when it comes to the distance of work and the relocation.

2.2.5) How much does it cost to hire movers and packers?

Hiring movers and packers in Dubai depends on the number of furniture you have. The more furniture you have, the more movers, packers and trucks you need to shift your furniture, but keep in mind that since they are Professional movers and packers in Dubai, they are not working just for the every money that they receive but they also work hard for them to give the best moving and packing services. They will give you discounts and still their priority is to shift it safe.

2.2.6) How do I choose the best and cheap packers and movers?

Everyone wants to have best and cheap services, and choosing best and cheap movers and packers is a little bit hard since there are a lot of relocation companies in Dubai. We need to be very careful in choosing the one who will manage our important stuffs at home. We should choose professional movers and packers in Dubai from the best movers and packers in Dubai since they are already have a lot of experience in this kind of work.

2.2.7) What materials do you use to pack the furniture?

Securing the safety of furniture is very important. Every relocation companies in Dubai used a lot of high quality materials to ensure the protection of it while transporting it to another places. We have carton boxes which come in different sizes that can be used to put your furniture. We also have carton rolls, bubble wraps, and packaging tapes. House shifting services and Office shifting services will be easier especially when the items are all well – packed by the movers and packers in Dubai.

2.2.8) Do you have liability insurance? Are you insured in case of any accident?

There are a lot of moving companies in Dubai and if you want to know if they have liability insurance then it is definitely a must. Every moving and packing companies in Dubai has liability insurance for the furniture and appliances. We don’t want to have problems like misplaced, lost, damage, or accidents but it is just also for the safety of the furniture while shifting.

2.2.9) What are your payment terms?

In relation to payment terms, you can pay after the entire work is finished. Sometimes, movers and packers in Dubai are asking for a deposit to secure your appointment with them and after the work is finished, that is the time that you can pay for your balance.

2.2.10) Do you have your own vehicles for moving or you rent it?

Vehicle to be use while transferring furniture is a very serious matter. After packing all of the furniture, how will you shift it if you don’t have any vehicle that you can use? It is because we wanted to make sure that all of our valuables will be safe and damage – free. Most movers and packers in Dubai have their own trucks that can be use while transporting your stuffs from home and offices and bring it in your next destination.

3) Packing Services in Dubai

3.1) Can I do my own packing?

Yes, customers can do the packing of their furniture if they only want to hire movers that will shift it, but if the movers and packers in Dubai are not satisfied with the packing then they can pack it again to ensure the safety of the furniture.

3.2) If I do my own packing, is the mover still responsible if something is lost or broken?

The professional movers and packers in Dubai will be responsible in all things once you allow them to do all the services that you ask them to do. If the broken or lost items were because of the wrong pack of the movers and packers then they will be the one who is responsible for that. If you only hire them for moving in Dubai and there are some damage items while shifting it then it is also their responsible, but if the problem is related to packing of the owner then the movers and packers are not liable with that so we highly recommend doing a proper packing to prevent this kind of situations.

3.3) Should You Tip the Movers and Packers? How Much?

You can give tip on the movers and packers that help you in shifting your furniture, but it is not really required to give but giving them tip will make them feel that you are well – satisfied with their work. Best movers in Dubai will assure you that they will always give you the best services that you need when it comes to relocating your stuffs anywhere and anytime.


Movers and packers in Dubai can shift and transfer anything according to your requirements. If you want to shift your house items, like house furniture and other house or residential and commercial items, moving companies in Dubai can help you with this.

In UAE it’s common that everybody changes their houses after one year or in the mid of year without citizens. This is why! Because here in the United Arab Emirates you have one year house, office or shop tenancy contract and as per business and jobs here peoples are not static on one place they are changing their locations, houses.
Before we list items and services of Movers in Dubai lets know something deep about moving services.

3.3.2) Why are you changing your house?

Is this because of job posting from one office to another office or you found something special new house. Mostly people are here in Dubai at company’s accommodation. And mostly we saw many customers that are changing their houses because of some deficiencies in the current house or company.
Now let’s explain items will be shifted from Movers Company in Dubai are listed below in details kindly follow this helpful article regarding movers and packers or if you are looking for a Moving Company in Dubai.

Furniture items which will be transfer by movers and packers in Dubai When it’s comes to moving services there are many questions and queries rising in our minds but the most important and frequent is about furniture moving services. The furniture moving service is the main service in the relocation industry if it’s in Dubai or anywhere in the world. Because the furniture is very important to dismantle, pack, shift and fix properly and only possible via Movers Company in Dubai. They have expert carpenters and packaging staff they can dismantle furniture and fix it in new house or office.

Kitchen Utensils and other House items like clothes, boxes, curtains, books, baby items, personal items and many more items they shift while house relocation service. They also provide carton boxes for packing and other packaging materials as well as. If someone needs to pack their personal items before movers team arrive in his house so also we provide boxes and other packaging materials one week ago.


The Movers and packers company in Dubai will provide all of their possible help and support to shift your items and fix it in new home. Now everyone wants to hire professional moving company in Dubai because they want to professional service.

But they also want to know about the moving company services processes and procedures. So in this article keep in touch with us and read this if you are really looking movers in Dubai.


People want to know about the quotation procedure of moving companies in Dubai when they plan to shift their house furniture. The price procedure is when you contact movers and Packers Company they will ask if you can send location.

They need to do a survey of your house furniture and all items which you want to shift by a movers company in Dubai. “OR”
They will tell you to send photos and videos of your furniture and other items like kitchen items, bedroom, living room, curtains, and lights, wall frames etc.
So what is the best way to do? We recommend sending your house location and they’ll send their supervisor to check all items personally if you need exact price according to your items.

3.3.6) Why to send location instead of photos and videos?

Because he will ask all details from you directly and maybe he will provide good quotations because many customers send videos and photos as they sent to many companies also so that's why they do not give the best price they just till you estimate.
If you need to get exact price details then call Movers Company and tell him to send someone to check your house by your end.


When the house movers company in Dubai sends you the quotation according to furniture moving so then you have to reply on time and schedule the work date and time must two or three days ago, this is why?
Because they also booked by other peoples and it’s a professional way to inform second party some days ago in any kind of work if you do.


Relocation Company in Dubai will also take care of your expensive items like they will pack everything properly to protect items and furniture from any kind of scratch and damage.

But our means if you have something personal like Money, Gold, and other personal items kindly keep it with you because movers team will pack it boxes and maybe there will be confusion later that where they kept the items.


We saw in many places even 80% of people don't move in or move out clearance on time so then it's a problem and delay on the working day.
Kindly do all kind of clearance with your property management office because if movers company send their team for moving your items and if they late to start work because of the clearance so then it will finish later.
And maybe they leave your curtains and drilling work then in new house because if they late from 9:00 PM in UAE these are the rules that drilling is not allowed after 9:00 PM and also second day they can’t send their workers because also scheduled other works.


Movers in Dubai will provide all possible help and support to finish your house relocation work but there is something like if you have personal items and clothes etc. And if you want to keep them in wardrobes, cabinets so then it’s not possible for movers and packers workers because they not have experience in this.
“But don’t worry we have solution”
If you need we will provide Filipino ladies they will unpack all the boxes and keep your kitchen utensils, clothes, personal items in their places properly.


4.1) Safe Services of Movers in dubai

Hiring movers and Packers has a lot of advantages for us who don’t know the right process of moving our furniture to another location. Below are the advantages that might help you to trust movers and packers in Dubai as your companion in your moving:


Movers and Packers will ensure the safety of your items by providing them the best packaging while moving. They provide high quality packaging materials for your furniture, appliances, kitchen items, clothes and etc. They are also providing best packing for office furniture and appliances so that it will be a less – hassle work if your office needs to be relocated.
They will be the one to provide boxes and pack your things and unpack it when it reaches your next destination. If you have furniture that is need to dissemble first before packing then they can also handle that matter. They will dissemble it all then put them back together once your furniture has arrived in your new destination. You don’t have to worry as they will take care of your furniture like how much you take care of them.


Movers and Packers in Dubai also provide the vehicles like big and small trucks for your moving. You don’t have to worry about that because it is part of the services that they are offering when it comes to moving.

They have skilled workers who will load and unload all of your stuff from the truck and unpack all of it once it has been delivered to your next location.


Registered Movers and Packers has insurance for the services that they are offering when problems might occur like lost of items or if your furniture has been damage because of the moving process.
This is why we should find movers and packers that are legit and has permit to operate for us to have assurance that our furniture will be safe to them.


If you will be the only one to pack and move your furniture then it is really time consuming for you especially if you have other work to do or you are always busy. From dismantling, packing and fixing it really requires a lot of time, but when you hire movers and packers that can help you then they are always ready to help you in your moving.
They have a lot of Professional staff that can help you in packing all of your stuff with the use of high quality packaging materials. This will make you feel at ease as they can do their work properly and finish it on time and deliver all of the items on the right destination.


It will be a hassle - free work for you once you hire movers and packers as your partner in moving. They will provide you all the best services that you need in order to move your furniture from home or offices.
You don’t have to worry anymore about the packaging materials, transportation, packing, dismantling and fixing as they will be very happy to assist you in your moving in Dubai.

I hope that this article can help you to know that hiring movers and packers can be really a great help for you in your moving process and you should fully trust them are they will provide your best services for your moving.

Opal Furniture Movers LLc || Contact Us 0504888052 || Movers dubai | Movers in dubai | Movers and packers in dubai |  dubai movers | house moving in dubai | relocation in dubai | packers and movers in dubai | best movers in dubai
Opal Furniture Movers LLc || Contact Us 0504888052 || Movers dubai | Movers in dubai | Movers and packers in dubai |  dubai movers | house moving in dubai | relocation in dubai | packers and movers in dubai | best movers in dubai
Opal Furniture Movers LLc || Contact Us 0504888052 || Movers dubai | Movers in dubai | Movers and packers in dubai |  dubai movers | house moving in dubai | relocation in dubai | packers and movers in dubai | best movers in dubai

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